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November 8, 2013
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(WIP)- A Day with Dad by Earthsong9405 (WIP)- A Day with Dad by Earthsong9405
I usually just redraw things as a sketch and just leave it at that, but I've decided to do something different here because just looking at the old version sparked inspiration. o3o

So, uh, as a part of my plan to raise some money to go to Bronycon, I'm going to be selling a couple of prints before said con to those who won't be able to make it, as well as those who simply want a print early. For this plan, I'm doing a little series of watercolor paintings that are pretty simplistic in nature, possibly with the theme of "Family", and will be $8 for an 8x11 print, and $10 for an 11x17 print.

So! To start off, here is the WIP sketchidoodle of Roid Rage (or Snowflake, whichever you fancy more) and Featherweight. This was originally a redraw of this:

But, the more I looked at it, the more I wanted to do an overhall of sorts. So, here it is! A complete redraw of the characters plus a background. C:

For those of you who aren't familiar with my headcanon here, it is in my mind that Roid Rage and Featherweight are father and son. Long story short, Featherweight was an unplanned pregnancy of Roid Rage and his unnamed girlfriend. After debating abortion, then adoption, the couple ultimately decided to keep the foal, and while Roid Rage's love for his unborn foal grew and the idea of being a father, his girlfriend detested the idea of being a mother. Regardless of being pregnant, she hung out with the wrong crowd, often went out to party, and drunk alchohol and overall didn't take care of herself (despite Roid's pleas for her to do so) which resulted in little Featherweight to be born very sickly and small. Regardless, Roid felt his heart swell with fatherly love whenever his eyes fell on his tiny son.

Roid Rage took the responsibilities of being a parent head on, while his girlfriend basically ditched both her boyfriend and her newborn foal to do whatever the hell she wanted. The only times she ever came back to the apartment was to sleep, and that was far and few inbetween chances. Finally, after months of trying to put up with her unresponsible habits and neglecting their son, Roid Rage demanded that she leave, which she did. That left him with poor little Featherweight to raise on his own.

 This came with a lot of job hopping (sometimes even taking up two or more jobs at once), going without meals to pay bills and buy the nutrients and supplies needed for taking care of his son, and of course other sorts of hardships that came with being a single parent.

But despite it all, Roid found himself at his happiest with the little foal. And of course, he didn't go through it completely alone; his best buddy Thunderlane would help out by watching little Featherweight when he babysat his own baby brother, as well as help him look for jobs.

Finally, things began to turn around for the better. Roid Rage managed to find a steady and decent paying job (thanks to the help of some friends), Featherweight's health improved and continued to do so, and he found a smaller, cozier apartment over the skies of Ponyville where rent wasn't too big of a problem. And from then on, their lives have been improving. c:

But, uh.... yeah. So this is them, spending some quality father/son time. 8D

I'll color this very soon so all of ya's hang tight. And to those who are possibly interested in getting a print of this, feel free to comment or send me a note. C: After this one, I'll be doing one for Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, so if you're interested in that one too, the same applies.

Other than that, though, ask away if you have any questions, and thanks for stopping by and taking a look! ^.^

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Oh ... Its amazing ! Dady and strong little pony <3
Earthsong9405 6 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks. c:
cool story and theres irony for him being his son, hope in your headcanon he grows as strong as his dad
Earthsong9405 Jan 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist

However, he won't grow anywhere near as strong as his father. He'll be lean and tall, but is not a weight-lifting enthusiast like his dad. Instead, he'll be a tech geek, insanely smart and resourceful and able to fix almost anything he gets his hooves on. He's especially talented with his camera.
touching story. beautiful drawing, and such detail for a pencil drawing. given me a new headcanon, even though i found this image already under the impression they were at least brothers, if not father and son
Earthsong9405 Nov 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks. :3
no problem
Earthsong9405 Nov 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks! :3
Gorgeous work, keep it up :D
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