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June 14, 2012
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MLP- Reliable by Earthsong9405 MLP- Reliable by Earthsong9405

Oh man... this.. this is bad.

Everywhere I turn I face the decaying... well, face, of a one of those disgusting zombie jerks. Some of them are missing limbs, some of them are missing half of their bodies. Some of them aren't missing anything aside from skin. But they all are staring at me with dead eyes.

I've always loved attention, but this... this is... wrong. It's almost like a sick joke or something.

Something gripping at my torn shirt makes me remember why I haven't simply flown away the first chance I got. The bite marks in my right wing has nothing to do with it.

It was the girl. The filly who's been my shadow for as long as I remember, the little squirt who had always admired me, whimpering and crying and huddled against my chest. The tugs on shirt rubs at the nasty bite I have just under my ribcage, but I force back a wince. I can't have her feeling just how tired I really was...

I shoot another zombie dead in his eye, his body dropping only a few feet away; there's no use trying to be quiet now, not when the whole fucking city knows where we are. I whirl the pistol on the slowly crawling zombie dragging the remains of his torso towards us. Click. Click. Click. Fucking hell, I'm out of bullets?!


This is bad.

"What are we gonna do, Dash?! What now?!" So she recognizes that sound too.

Scoot is nearly in hysterics if her uneven breathing is anything for me to go by. She's tugging on my so hard that I have to bite back the yelp that threatens to escape. Her body trembling harshly in my grip, and when I look down I meet impossibly wide violet eyes. Violet eyes...

They're alot like Twi's. Her fur's close to AJ's, her mane color reminds me of Pinkie, the wings remind me Fluttershy, hell, even her mane style reminds me of Rarity...

I cringe; what would the others think if I just... not come back? I can't do that. I know they'll come looking for me if I don't come back, and it's far too dangerous in the city now. They'll come looking anyway. I can't do that. One look at Scootalo sends something painful in my chest, but it's the sort of pain that's sorta like sore muscles; it hurts, but it's the good kind.

"Listen to me."

Her ears remain flat against her head but I know she's listening. "I need you to hang onto me as tight as you can, okay? Hang on tight and don't let go. I'm going to fly."

She's smart enough to know why I didn't do that in the first place. "B-but your wing! It's hurt! What if... what if--"

"That doesn't matter." I know what she's trying to say. The damage to my wing is... well, let's just say that I really SHOULDN'T try to fly with it now. But I have to if I want a chance at getting Scoot out of here and to my friends. To safety.

The Crawlers are so close now. The Runners are beginning to climb the fence. The Buzzards are about to swoop in.

We need to leave. Now. Even if it means... that I may not be able to... to...

"It doesn't matter, okay? My priority is to get you out of here safely. Besides, Twi's powerful; she can heal my wing if something worse happens." The last part was a desperate guess.

But Scoot nods after a second and huddles closer to, gripping onto me as tight as she possibly could. I re holster my pistol and secure my arms around her body. All I have is the combat knife AJ gave me before I flew off.

I spread my wings. The Buzzards copy my movements. A few Runners manage to get over the fence and are sprinting towards me with death-rattling howls.

"Get ready."

One painful flap sends me and Scoot high into the air before I propel us north, away from the city. In the direction my friends will be in. The sounds of additional wings fill my ears.

Let's see how fast I can go.

Sixth image for my Zombie-theme part of the "What If..." series I'm planning on doing. :3

Rainbow Dash, like the other five, was a bit difficult to come up with, but I chose Reliable.

Rainbow Dash's unfaltering loyalty would make her someone anyone and everyone can count on, even when times are bleak and hope for survival is next to nothing. When tasked to retrieve something, she never comes back empty-handed. When asked for help, she'll make sure the help is received. When her friends and family are in danger, she will go above and beyond to make sure everyone comes back alright and as uninjured as possible. And when in a hopeless fight against a zombie horde, she will be the first by your side, and the last to leave it. Reckless, arrogant, sometimes a little insensitive, but always there, no matter what.

Which, in this image, she's doing for Scootalo. Wounded, battered, tired and on the edge of passing out, the determined Dashie will risk flying and permanent damage to her wing if it means getting little Scoot out safe and unharmed.

Of all the images ,this one harbors the most in terms of characters, not only featuring Scootalo, but also a few zombies (not including the horde of them behind the fence). Some very quickly sketched zombies that I was too lazy to flesh out in detail, but I think that's okay for this. o3o The things with wings in the background are Buzzards, or in other words, a special infected that retains their ability to fly. Which doesn't make escape for Dash any easier. >.>

Also, I have to ask.... who of you are actually interested in the story behind these pics? o3o I was sorta thinking about attempting to fleshing out a story behind these pics aside from the short stories I've made, and I was kinda hoping a few of you would be interested in seeing a preview of it before I even dared trying to go further; just for the sake of giving an opinion and perhaps a few suggestions on the writing? O:

But other than that, this isn't the end of this theme; I'm bound to end up drawing some group pics of the mane 6, as well as some other images featuring different characters (like Derpy, Spike, Vinyl... just to name a few. o3o)

Next on my list, however, is a Military/War theme, of which I'm thinking of calling "No Requiem for Soldiers". I'm going to try a sort of style with these images, so keep your eyes peeled for the "concept" sketches I'll be doing of the characters. o3o

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I thought you mightive liked to read this :P its kinda like zombies but kinda not and just blah ;-;, its good ^^,
anyways good job :D
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That's beautiful :)
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