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October 22, 2013
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Age thingy- Pinkie Pie by Earthsong9405 Age thingy- Pinkie Pie by Earthsong9405
Pinkie Pie's Age thingy, because I wanted to take a break from studying for a test this coming Thursday. I actually had a hard time choosing which headcanon to go with for the party pony (It was gonna either be really sad or really happy) so I decided to go for the middle ground. Aside from the happy past, I think this one is my favorite headcanon for the party pony, so, uh, here we go:

Baby Foal (Age 1-2 months)
Pinkie was born premature by a month, and was actually pretty tiny for a little foal. Regardless, she didn't really have any birth problems and she was healthy, so the doctors allowed her to go home with her family after a couple days of monitoring her as a precaution. Of her three sisters, Pinkie is the youngest, while Marble Pie (Inkie) and Limestone Pie (Blinkie) are twins.

It's also my headcanon that Surprise, a G1 pony, is Pinkie Pie's "Granny Pie". As she seems to be in FiM, she was a talented acrobat and a part of the Wonderbolts, performing in shows and a part of the Equestrian Air Force. Here she is getting on in the years, but still more than energetic enough to play with her grandchildren. She's giving Pinkie Pie a piggy back ride while Inky and Blinkie play underneath her legs.

Her relation to a pegasus gives Pinkie her light feathering among her shoulders.

Age: 4-5

Pinkie Pie is now a little older, and as such she's put to work on the rock farm by her father, Igneous Rock. While Igneous is a caring father, he's very strict and no-nonsense, sometimes to the point of being a little too hard on his daughters when they work. Sometimes he can be downright unforgiving, a trait his wife Cloudy Quartz very much dislikes and tends to get into arguments with him over. Surprise is around to help mellow her son out, but she doesn't like his behavior because he acts just like his father (no where near as bad, but she can see it).

Here, Pinkie cowers as her unseen father reprimands her for playing while she's supposed to work. A little later though, Igneous will see that he was scolding her, and the twins, far too harshly, and will apologize to his daughters. For a moment, everything becomes a little more cheerful around the rock farm.

Age: 7-8

Remember that story Pinkie told the CMC about how she gained her cutie mark, and that she threw a huge party and her family absolutely loved it? Well, this is a headcanon that banks off of that story being a bit of a lie.

After she gains her cutie mark, Pinkie does throw a party and her family does enjoy it, but maybe a month after that Surprise dies during her deployment in Zebrican territories. The news of her death shakes the family to the core, but it affects Pinkie and Igneous the most. After his mother's passing Igneous sort of went off the deep end, hiding his sorrow behind harsh words and cold eyes. He was especially harsh toward Pinkie, because she literally looks and acts like a younger version of his mother, and he doesn't want anything to remind him of her.

He was so blind by his grief that he couldn't see what he was doing to his family, and finally, it reached a turning point when Pinkie tries to relieve some of the tensions with another, but smaller, party. Igneous takes it bad, and actually hits the poor little filly, to the horror and shock of the rest of the family.

It all goes downhill after that.

A scared and lonely Pinkie begins thinking up imaginary friends to help alleviate her pain, her mother and father get into far more arguments than before, and her sisters are suffering just as much. Eventually, Pinkie has a realization that she's simply not happy, at all, at home. So she plans on running away.

The night she decides to go through with it, her father is waiting. They exchange unpleasant words, with Pinkie trying to get her father to understand and Igneous still being unable to see what's happening, what he's causing. As Pinkie heads to the door, the last words her father says to her are "If you walk out that door, don't ever show your face here again."

After hesitation, Pinkie actually leaves with her heart heavy, to the shock of her father. His yelling after his daughter wakes the family up, and Pinkie can hear his voice echo in her head, but she's long gone before her mother or sisters could catch up to her.

She's on the road for quite a while before she finally turns up to Ponyville. Haggard, ill, and hungry, she eventually collapses behind Sugarcube corner (no one saw her because this very early in the morning). Mr. Cake finds her when taking out the trash and immediately brings her into his and Mrs. Cake's home, where they nurse her back to health.

Age: 10-13
After Pinkie's nursed back to health, the Cakes learn that the little filly ran away from home, although they can't get anything more from Pinkie than that little tidbit of info. Regardless, they talk it out and come to the decision that they'll take Pinkie in, offering a warm home, warm meals, and love. After more than a year, by this time Pinkie thinks of the couple as a second pair of parents, and the Cakes see Pinks as their own daughter. Pinkie is forever grateful for their boundless kindness, and tries to pay them back by helping them around the shop; they'll eventually begin to give her a wage for her troubles, though, since they don't want her working for free.

Many times, Pinkie debates contacting her family, but the words of her father continue to ring in her head even after a couple of years of being away, so she refrains from doing so (moreso out of fear and uncertainty than anything). In the meantime, Carrot Cake and Cupcake are told, little by little, of what happened in Pinkie's past, and they are supportive through it all.

In this image, Mrs. Cake comforts Pinkie after the pink filly tells her about her grandmother's death. Despite the tears falling from Pinkie's eyes, she feels safe, okay, and she comfortably falls asleep against her adoptive mother's body.

Age: 19-22

Pinkie as she's seen in the show: happy, healthy, and making anypony smile. It's around the age of 20 that she finally gathers the courage to contact home, and she almost immediately gets a response from her mother. The two meet up in a tearful reunion, and they spend hours making up for lost time and years missed. Pinkie learns that her sisters both left the farm to pursue their career choices (dunno what quite yet), while Cloudy Quartz and Igneous Rock finally leave the farm for a home in a small town (they set up another farm there, but make it smaller so two ponies can work it without problem). She also learns that her father fell into a depression after she left, and never forgave himself for his behavior toward her or his family. While he did reconcile with Inkie and Blinkie and his wife, he thought he'd never see Pinkie again.

After their long talk, Cloudy reveals that Igneous didn't come because he thought Pinkie wouldn't have wanted to even see him again, let alone talk to him. Pinkie asks her mother to give him a letter and to relay the message, "I really miss you, and when you're ready, I want to see you again". In the meantime, Pinkie promises to stay in touch with her mother and sisters (she gained their addresses from Cloudy) and sends them letters nearly every week, meeting up with them when they can. Finally, after nearly a month, her father sends Pinkie Pie a letter on her 21st birthday. After a couple of months simply sending each other letters, they decided to finally meet up face to face. Their reunion was nothing short of a tear-fest, and from then on they work to mend their wounded relationship.

Now they've gotten better and Pinkie meets with her entire family as often as she can, especially during Harvest Harmony Day (Equestria's version of Thanksgiving. Thanks to :iconsuperwaffle350: for the name!).

WHEEEEEEEEEEEW. Talk about a mouthful, neh? If you actually read all of that, then you deserve a cookie. So.... since I can't give you want, find a cookie and eat it and pretend I gave it to you as a reward. C:<

Aaaanywho. As usual, if you have any questions feel free to ask me. And as always, thanks for stopping by to take a look at my work. C:
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