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Just mah junks! 8D


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Boxy Box of Updates

Commissions: Currently OPEN…

:bulletred: I do NOT do Point Commissions

:bulletred: I do NOT do Requests

:bulletred: I do NOT do Art Trades

Sorry guys. :C


Espeon by Earthsong9405

Umbreon by Earthsong9405
Finished Espeon and Umbreon! These two were a little more difficult to find a suitable silhouette, but I think I landed on a design that works and that's easy enough to recreate for the print. :3 As for their body types:

Espeon and Glaceon are the only two that will probably be based on cats (Glaceon might change though when I get to it). Espeon here is loosely based on the Sphinx cat but it has a smooth pelt instead of just being hairless.

Umbreon is based on the African Wild Dog and the Maned Wolf. I thought it'd be cool if the pokemon looked like it kinda walked on stilts a bit. :3 And here's a reupload of the original three and Eevee if you haven't seen them yet:
Eeveelution by Earthsong9405
Eeveelution by Earthsong9405

Quick designs I did for the first 3 evolutions of Eevee for a bronycon print! This was done to generally get the basic feel I want for each evolution to make them unique and different. I based their body types on mostly dogs, although I’ll be combining some of the evolutions’ body types with other animals. For now, this is what I have:

Eevee- a mix between a pomeranian and a fox

Flareon- Chow Chow. Flareon is the closest to Eevee in terms of design

Jolteon- Whippet and German Shepard dog

Vaporeon- a bit of a whippet as well in the face, but mostly based on otters.

I hope you like them so far! Be ready for the rest of the designs and perhaps a sneak peek at the print in question. x3

guardian wip by Earthsong9405
The WIP/kinda color-study of a print I plan to have at Bronycon.  Vincent Tong is the voice of not only Flash Sentry but also Garble the Dragon (the primary bully to Spike), and I decided to try and put the two of them together in an image. So I decided to make Garble younger and have him be found by Flash in one of the Crystal Empire’s hot springs. I... can't really explain myself why, other than I thought it'd be interesting and kinda pretty to look at, at least. >.> In the end I might just have it where it's only Flash in the picture, but we'll see if it works out this way first.
Drak- The Croc - Marshton by Earthsong9405
Another Equestrian celebrity that will show up in the Road Trip album! This time it's of the dragon Drak "The Croc" Marshton (spoofed from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), a pro wrestler who's begun to branch out into the acting biz.  Drak, despite his primary career being a big and bad wrestler, is honestly a gentle giant with an equally gentle heart. He always makes time for his fans, and Spike (who is a huge fan of The Croc) is no exception!

Biggest Fan! by Earthsong9405
I don't know when I'll get this photo done but here ya go; a brief bio of a Equestrian Celeb and a WIP of one of the photos! :3
Alright, so awhile ago I did a poll asking if anyone would be interested if I offered animated commissions, and a safe to say that the majority ruled in having an interest in that department. SO! I figured it wouldn't hurt to give 'em a try. As mentioned in the title, though, these are specifically trial commissions. What is that, you ask?

The trial commissions are relatively simple: they are meant to be my first run in doing these commissions to help iron out how much time it takes for me to actively finish a commission, and in finding that I'll find a suitable price range and estimated wait period to give folks when I officially attempt to offer these commissions fully. The slots will be limited, but those of you who are willing to take a trial commission of this sort gets a couple benefits.

For one, they'll be cheaper than what they will be when I've set up official pricing. Given how animation works I'll be charging by the second (limit is 5-6 seconds), so it can add up pretty quick, but you'll be getting the commission for cheaper than anyone else after you. For two, your commission will be used as examples later for the price sheet. For three, you get to see your character move! Cool eh? C:

Okay so yeah. If you're at all interested and willing to get a trial commission, please take a looksy at the guidelines and what I'm offering!
I'm willing to do:
-MLP characters (canon or oc) of any species (pony, minotaur, griffon, diamond dog, dragon ect)
-Human/humanoid characters (Still a bit shaky in confidence but I know that I can do it, just might take longer)



1. There will be 1 slot for each type of commission I'll offer; you can only have 1 slot per person, no hogging all of them.
2. I reserve the right to deny your commission if I feel it necessary
4. Minimum length is 1 second of animation. Maximum is 5 seconds of animation
5. At the current moment I'm only accepting 1 character commissions
6. The pricing below is the base price. Price may increase depending on the complexity of the action done in the animation and the character's design
7. Animation takes time, and since I'm currently in school these trials will be a bit of a wait. You're more than free to ask for updates though


Rough Animation: Animation that is generally "sketchy" or "rough" in appearance with minimal clean-up.



Shoulders Up/Headshot: $10 per second

Half-body/Waist Up:
$15 per second

$20 per second


Simple background sketch: $10

To order a commission, send me a note OR just comment below with this information:

Type of Commission: (Shoulders Up, Half Body, Full Body)
Length of Animation wanted: (minimum 1 second, maximum 6 seconds)
Reference of character:
Description of what the character will be doing (if you want it to loop seamlessly you MUST tell me):
Email address: (DO NOT POST IN COMMENTS)



1. :iconblankscroll:
2. :iconthewolvenestates:

If you have any questions or concerns at all please let me know! And thanks so much for reading! ^.^
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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
My real name is of no importance to anyone but the people I know in real life, but for everyone else... you can just call me Earthy. :3

I'm a traditional artist, aspiring to become either an Animator or a Gaming Developer, hence why I'm a student! 8D My dream is to work for one of the mainstream companies, video game industry or movie industry, so wish me luck on that one. xD

I'm here often enough to be easy to contact, so just send a note if you'd like to talk. :3

Anything else about me may very well be more boring than what I've said, sooooo..... yeah. 8D

If you like my art and would like to support me, you can do so through


Every little bit helps, and is much appreciated! Thank you! C:




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